Thursday, May 08, 2008

Clarification of status

A couple of questions - one on my blog and one on a comment I posted to another blog - as well as some surprised looks from people in the business have led me to believe I need to clarify my employment status.

1. I have resigned from Telecom - my last day is June 30th. There's a strong financial incentive linked to this date.

2. Until recently I was working on Telecom's Next Generation Telecom (or NGT) programme. I am no longer working on that programme.

3. I am working in the Broadband part of Telecom on what could only be described as special projects, supporting the widely held view that there is only one place you can go after Special Projects. Its pretty busy and a good way to finish my time here.

4. I don't have a job lined up for when I finish - I am planning on spending a lot of time enjoying being a Dad, I have a couple of ideas which I will talk about soon enough, and I am unashamedly looking for one or two days a week work to help keep the bank manager happy. Any offers considered :)

Naturally the posts and comments that I make are my own opinion (unless I state otherwise). And they will be flavoured by my experience at Telecom as well as other perspectives that I hold.

That should make it clear.

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