Tuesday, June 20, 2006


So why have i started a blog?

It's not like the world is short on 35 year old males who have recently become a Dad, play a bit of social football (that's soccer for the uneducated) on the weekends and have a great job in a world where IT, telecommunications and media are colliding together in something that resembles a train wreck that has been project managed by dropouts from the PMI.

Nope - the reason for this launch into publishing my thoughts is that I truly believe that we need to refocus on people - in how we live our lives and how we develop new technology. I'm a firm believer that you can develop fantastic technology that can improve people's lives and not attack the fabric of society (ie people and community). I believe you can lead people to deliver on this vision without being a hard-ass. And I believe you can balance this together with loving your family and booting a soccer ball around at the weekend with a bunch of top blokes.

On top of all that, David Awatere told me he'd been waiting too long. This is a hint for him to update his page :)


Rob said...

Ahh Miki, Welcome to the blogosphere (and where IS that update DAVE?)

Anonymous said...

:-) blogging is cool... just stay away from myspace...

check my google http://felix.five.googlepages.com/

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