Monday, September 04, 2006

Get your head around Identity 2.0

Tom Glover has been doing a LOT of work on identity - including building some core identity infrastructure (purely for prototypes of course!) as we speak. On top of that Tom is presenting at the invitation of the Office of the Privacy Commissioner on a "Day in the (digital) life" on 21st September in Wellington. Post a comment and I'll get you the details to get along - it's private up until then :)

I have to admit that while I get the need and opportunity for Telecom in the Identity space, I've never been able to articulate it clearly. I found the following links which have pointed me in the right direction.

Firstly a 15 minute primer on identity by Dick Hardt (anyone who has a tagline "who's the dick on my site" is worth a look). Not only does it get you up to speed with identity, its a great presentation from a style perspective. It was found on a list of Top 10 presentations in a review by Guy Kawasaki.

Secondly - add this site to your RSS feed reader.

Between these two links there is all you need to know about Identity 2.0

So the next thought has to be - where could Telecom be in all of this ? The answer most certainly isn't 'in the middle of it'. That's the customer's place. But we have a role to play - we just have to make sure that we aim to participate as opposed to control. Otherwise we will end up like Microsoft's Passport - REJECTED!


Anonymous said...

Dick Hardt's presentation is a wonderful primer into identify. I think this should be standard reading for anyone wanting to understand the premis for identity. All technology architects should be forced/persuaded to listen to this to understand what identity is and it's relevance to the actual user. Neal.

Michele said...

That must be the coolest presentation I have seen.
The issue is telecom has commercial responsibilities, and identity 2.0 is open. If you are sxip, you can make money because you invented it. Otherwise, you are just a consumer. how do the guys with the chequebooks get convinced to participate? First they must understand. (big call)