Thursday, June 05, 2008

Magnum Mac After Sales Service

As a bit of an Apple fanboy I am usually reminded that while Apple's products are great, their  after sales service is usually pretty poor.

I've been dealing with Magnum Mac , the local Apple reseller in Wellington on a couple of issues

1. A noisy fan on an imac purchased from the refurbished Mac site - great deals on that site
2. A battery on my MacBook Pro that would discharge to 50% and then completely switch off - no sleep, just off.

In both cases they've done a really good job.

For the iMac they changed out all the fans, realised it wasn't those so then got a logic board in. It took a while to get to the bottom of this and I had to ask them what was going on but they nailed the fan noise. Looks like they disconnected the RHS speaker so iMac will be going back in.

As an aside the one piece design of the iMac makes it very easy to transport into Magnum Mac - just keep your original box!

For the MBP battery , they went one better. After pointing me to the apple site on battery recalls, (check the site out - extends warranty on your MBP battery to 2 years) I took the battery in. It got sent to apple and they claimed it was outside their policy. I asked Magnum Mac to check again and today I got a new battery. And it goes - even better.

I would highly recommend Lester and the crew at Magnum Mac with any repairs - they definitely look after you.

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