Friday, August 29, 2008

Celebrating Che

Che in his kingdom

This time last week we had to put our cat Che down - only 3 and a half years old and he was debilitated with cancer of the colon and lower intestine. Couldn't hold down food and was slowly starving - we had little choice.

We were fortunate enough to have him around at home for a couple of days in front of the fire after the exploratory surgery confirmed the worst. Thanks to everyone for their sympathy and kind thoughts and deeds. It's meant a lot.

Ella knows her buddy has gone away but keeps asking when we can pick him up - breaks our hearts.

We chose the name Che as Arlene and I had recently seen Motorcycle Diaries when we were looking for a cat. We went to a crazy cat breeder who bred Abyssinians. This little guy caught our eye when only a few weeks old - playing with a scrap of paper and growling at his litter mates when they got too close. Sounded just like a little motorbike - hence the name Che. I guess he could have been called Ernesto.

That growl was always around - especially when he heard strange noises (he would growl like a dog), if you tried to take one of his victims from him (rats, birds, mice, lizards) or if Ella pulled his tail too hard.

He also met everyone in our neighbourhood well before we had - we were invited around for Christmas drinks and pretty much everyone in our street had visits from Che where he would just jump on the bench and take over and it still amazes me that he never caught a Tui or Wood Pigeon even though he spent the hours longingly staring at them.

He was a little cat with a big personality - Abysinnians are described as 'Attention Seeking Athletes' and I don't think I have seen a cat try to be the centre of *everything* as much as Che. To the point where he would jump in the parcel tray of Ella's buggy when we would go out for a walk. Or just follow me down the street like a little dog (except he was smarter!).

We miss him heaps - he leaves a big hole.

Che as a kitten - first week at home

Standard Saturday morning (I wish)

Cleaning up the local vermin

Che giving Ella some love

Che and Ella getting a bed-time story from Arlene

Standard position


styler said...

oh noes
loosing a cat is never fun, and poor your che was really only still a wee kitten

Stephen Baugh said...

Sorry to hear about your loss. Great photos though to have as memories.

Gripnostril said...

Hey.. nice post, good comments.. Had Alison with a few tears to.... Looks like an Abyssinian is now on our list for cats to get.