Monday, August 11, 2008

I flew a 737 for the first time today

Well it felt that way.

I visited a good friend of mine, Bill Highet, who is the CEO of Pacific Simulators. Pacific Simulators make flight simulators based on Boeing 737s.  You sit inside a completely authentic cabin with the results of your skill (or lack thereof) projected in front of you. I had a quick 20 min tour and took off from Christchurch airport, did a lap around Lyttleton Harbour and managed to land it (mostly on my own) back at Christchurch. 

I was buzzing - the experience is very realistic, control response is immediate and I felt like I wanted to be a pilot all over again.

It's more amazing when you think that this company is completely NZ based - from the hardware to the software side (although it leans heavily on MS Flight Simulator for the visuals). Production line looked pretty busy - 3 sims currently in production for destinations such as Dubai and Hong Kong. Lots of other orders lined up as well.

Like most fledgling businesses, they are tight on cashflow - expect to see some capital raising later this year. They have great opportunities to execute on in terms of both Entertainment and Pilot Training. Their Entertainment offering is marketed by Flight Experience. Looks like the Wellington Franchise is up for sale if anyone is into this. Drop Bill a line at Pacific Simulators and he will sort you out!

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