Sunday, September 21, 2008

Add your WiFi hotspot to the iphone / ipod Touch database

I have been looking around for a way to do this.

Apple don't run this database themselves - it's managed by a company called Skyhook. Given Apple's descent into evil that might provide some comfort to you non-Apple fanboys out there.

It's easy.

Go to this link.

Enter your address and fiddle with the marker to locate it correctly.

Enter the MAC address of your WiFi router - you'll probably need to google the model of your router to do this.

Wait 7 days - when you use the maps application on your iPhone / iPod Touch, hit the center button on the lower left and Boom - there you are.

Will probably help a bunch of other apps that use this data - would love to know what they might be!


Bwooce said...

Awesome, I looked for this ages go on their site and found nothing.

Thanks a lot. It will really be a community effort, now some people in Khandallah can know where they are :-)

Miki Szikszai said...

I had the same problem - sent their support my hotspot details and after about a month got the link back so I could do it all over again.

You are right - community gets into this and we are all able to find ourselves even though we'll know where we are probably anyway :)