Thursday, September 18, 2008

Web + Wellington - FTW

I was lucky enough to catch up with Rick for half an hour or so today.

Great conversation which reminded me why I enjoy working on web stuff in Wellington

1. You get to do everything - Rick was saying how some lawyers specialise (Telco Law, Media Law, Privacy Law)  - with Internet Law he gets to do everything, all in the same day for the same client probably. It's the same for me - and I get to work with barely formed organisations (like my own!) all the way through to NZ's largest corporates across a whole range of areas. Brilliant.

2. Wellington is a great place to work - networks are open, people are visible on the street (even though today was a bit drizzly) and if you play your cards right you can bump into Rod as he wears a path between Prada and Xero HQ. Contrast that with Auckland where all the energy is inside the buildings or in cars and Wellington just feels like a good place to do business.

3. Well -informed debate  - with the InternetNZ members list you know exactly where a bunch of well-informed  people can really debate an issue to determine if its going to make a difference in NZ. Great example of the power of the 'net to facilitate quality people working together to make things happen.

We do miss Rod's blog - gaping hole in raising issues that can be debated in a more open environment. Although reading the blog and the Astoria post made me realise I forgot to pay for Rick's coffee when I left - whoops...


Cj said...

Totally agree that the welly web scene is super - clearly evidenced in the tweetup this week. Not only for the quality of technical conversations & thinking, but also just fun, smart socializing. We had heated political debates, and (Django inspired) hugs (apparantly) among other things. You can't beat Wellington - even on a bad day ;-)

James said...

Yay Wellington! I'm moving there in a couple of weeks because I loved it so much when I was there a month ago - Tim Norton invited me to hang out at the Silicon Welly office for the week and I met so many encouraging and inspiring people.

Can't wait!!