Thursday, October 30, 2008

Christmas comes a year early for Telecom

Unfortunately it's not good news.Christmas offers for 2008 arrived in 2007...

Handsets offered for this Christmas are pretty much the same as last Christmas.

It really seems as though bridges were burned with CDMA handset suppliers - nothing of note to be offered this year at all.

 This will be very easy for Vodafone to trump should they choose to.

Sadly I pick about about 4-5% market share loss between now and T-Day. That is going to take a couple of years to win back.


Anonymous said...

I agree and disagree what you have to say. Telecom WCDMA network is delayed till next year. They cannot sell WCDMA handsets because customers have no network to roam into. So, might as well give customers good deals on CDMA handsets during Christmas. NZers hold on to their handsets for more than 1 year, so by that time, the network will be ready and more offers to come from Telecom.

Miki Szikszai said...

My point is that these were good deals a year ago. These handsets are so out of date they are not good deals now.Hence the likely loss in marketshare