Monday, October 06, 2008

One down, one to go

Over the last weekend, TelecomOne took place.

Ben and Mauricio's posts sum up really well the types of things that were covered over the weekend at TelecomOne. Big cultural shifts. Noticed by externals. All good.

I didn't go. Arlene and I have an understanding that we make enthusiastic mutual agreements for what we both do. We weren't both enthusiastic.

Despite that, or probably even because of my lack of attendance, TelecomOne was a roaring success.

There are a bunch of people within Telecom who have now had a great experience in terms of getting together their ideas to make Telecom work better. Awesome.

I have two requests for Telecom people.

1. If you attended TelecomOne

The most important thing they have the responsibility to do now is to do something very different in their day to day work even though the prevailing culture will not be that supportive.

2. If you didn't attend TelecomOne

Don't write this off via the Telecom clobbering machine - attendees gave of their own free time and energy to make this happen. Take the time to engage with them. Don't engage over a meeting - just get in a big open space and start sharing. TelecomOne isn't just about the content that was developed in terms of ideas and plans. It's about a more collaborative (and fun) style. 

TelecomOne was spawned as an idea out of the last KiwiFooGripnostril (when can we tell people who you are?) has been the power behind this and is a great example of how 8 months of tenacity and perserverance will really pay off. Well done - take credit for it - it was your idea. Great leadership.  'If you do something with it, it *is* your idea'.

TelecomOne was one of two ideas that I really got excited about after I attended KiwiFoo earlier this year. The other one is about 3 weeks away from becoming real. 

Thanks Nat, Jenine and Mahurangi College for providing the environment where these ideas can flourish.


Gripnostril said...

Funny you ask that.

As a result of the weekend, the approach, enthusiasm and support...even more that I expected, happy to be more public (though wasn't that had to find) ....Gripnostril = Me, Neil Forster.

benkepes said...

Big big big ups Neil - I'm sure internal TNZ staff know how much of a limb you're gong out on - but even us externals admire your bravery