Thursday, July 31, 2008

InternetNZ Directorship

Very pleased to announce that I have been appointed to the Executive Board of Internet NZ.

There is a great mix of board members for this Board - we met for the first time last week and I can say for sure that I am going to have a great opportunity to learn a lot from my Board colleagues. I continue to remind Paul Swain that he was a teacher at my Intermediate School which dates both of us....

Most of all I am excited about being able to do my bit to advance the mission of InternetNZ - to protect and promote the internet in NZ. It's something I am passionate about, and with the broadband access debate starting to reach a level of maturity it's time to look to the next set of issues to address to ensure that the Internet is a key part of NZ's economic and creative engine.

InternetNZ has done a great job of advancing this debate and I look forward to being able to serve its well-informed and passionate members.


Ben Kepes said...

Miki - that's awesome! Heaps of congrats

Gripnostril said...

Excellent news...gratz to you and InternetNZ