Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Rod's refocussed - who to follow now?

So the circle is now complete - Rod comments on his valedictory blog, an ironic end....

For those who want to know who else to keep tabs on with Rod's move to xero focussed blogging, here are a set of blogs to keep an eye on. This is made up of commentators to this 'last' post as well as others who are pushing the conversation along.

For completeness throw some traffic my way - I hope to be able to progress along certain aspects of the work Rod has started in my own way

With these blogs you'll get a mix of technology, start-up entrepreneurs,wellington issues, insightful comment, humour and the rest. Still a gap here for some leadership on the big issues like Broadband Trade Routes though.  It is really interesting to me that there is a very deep need for a lot of people who are blazing their own trails to have someone to follow, who can be a collection point for the issues and debates. Rod's blog really hit the spot.

Add any others that you follow in the comments. Self-promotion welcome!


benkepes said...

pick me pick me!


thanks Miki

Anonymous said...

hmmm. no pressure. Now I will have to resurrect the blog and start posting again.