Tuesday, July 29, 2008

MySky HDi - first impressions


Just had MySky HDi installed.

First impressions are really good

1. Everything upscales to 1080i

2. NASCAR on SKYSport HD looked much better, although not as good as some HD sport I saw in the US a couple of years ago

3. EPG is much faster but still pretty clunky for functions like search

4. HD programmes take up a lot of space on the hard drive - apparently up to 10% of the drive for one movie. Just as well the drive is double in size.

5. Supplied with HDMI cable - nice

Primary downside is that everything that I recorded on the old box has gone south (no point having 2 x MySky in our house). Would be nice if it was transferred especially since there are USB ports on both boxes.

The real test will be the rugby this week - watching last week's game from Oz was a nightmare - far too much blurring...

UPDATE: Watched the AB's test last night - SOOOOO much better than non-HD. It's easier on the eye, detail is sharper and would probably look even better if it wasn't on my small 32" LCD.


Rod said...

Just got it. We pipe Sky around the house and found that the old MySky and new MySkyHD use the same remote. So we can't stack them. Bugger!

Rod said...


We put a modulator (SCART to RF) behind the MySkyHD and turned off the remote for the old MySky. That seems to be the best solution to pump MySkyHD aorund the house though you can't change the old MySky box from anywhere anymore. We have to use the front panel instead,

FreeView is much clearer than MySkyHD. Digital signal comes straight off Kaukau.

City Aerials did our stuff and know how it all works.