Monday, May 12, 2008

Old Dogs and New Tricks

I was really stoked to see this post from Ben this morning.

The post is primarily about Victoria Crone who has been driving Telecom's marketing push for SaaS in the Business Marketing team.

Vic has been around Telecom for a long time - probably about as long as I have - but that doesn't mean she doesn't listen to customers nor does it mean she can't embrace a new way of communicating. And that was her - no ghost-writing there. She is also present on Plaxo and LinkedIn and pretty easy to find on email or phone in Telecom

This follows on from a very informal session with Paul Reynolds last week where he popped up on the floor in Auckland and talked about his very straight forward view about what we need to do to make our customers happy. In a sentence - work out what they want and deliver it, don't be a slave to self imposed heirarchy and siloes. Pretty simple and very effective.

Goes to show that you can't take Telecom for granted in its behaviour - things are changing and people like Vic are getting amongst it.

Welcome to the blogosphere Vic - hopefully you'll be up for posting a blog of your own. I've got some experience if you need a hand to set it up.

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ben said...

Hi Miki

Yep - I'm stoked to have Vic commenting on the post - I'm hoping it's the start of a much more open TNZ. We see how much Paul Brislen does for Voda and Phillip Moore for WorldxChange - it's a good good thing....