Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Tell me what you want

As a proponent of customer-centred design I am always interested in ways for customers / audiences to get closer to the developer of the product, service or content.

Gripnostril pointed me to this today which talks about how some large corporates are finding ways to more directly engage with their customers. Dell and Starbucks are held up as the examples of how this is done well.

What I really liked about this was that it linked to a nice site called uservoice. It's a site where users can add and vote on suggestions. Naturally they use it themselves - instant engagement.

I want to know what you want to hear about in this blog. I've added a feedback tab on the left hand side of the template - suggest away!

Any suggestions for lightweight tools other than paint for adding red ovals to jpgs gratefully received.

TIP: if you are using blogger the script doesn't quite work - replace the '=' sign in the the 'color' reference with a ':' and it should be all good.


Simon said...

Nice work - simple & easy!!.

I am a little concerned about the following "Completely Free during our public beta" as there are no prices on the site.

However it's still a great start.

Simon - again said...

I'm now concerned that for a company it's not great as anyone can see anyone's comments / suggestions. I'm sure I could also figure out something to do with the user based numbering system (I wonder what other services they use that name for) -

Great idea though - pitty about spewing company secrets all over the web. :)

Robert Coup said...

For annotating screengrabs its gotta be Skitch!

To be closely followed by a bout of skitchslapping... :)

Miki Szikszai said...

@simon - again

I hear you on this public nature of this. I assume that will be the charged for service. I also note that the top requirement on their own feedback is a 'members only site'.

Trading off easy access for customers to talk about stuff and having access to that vs. protecting the Intellectual Property of your customer base and what they like / dislike is a biggie. Couldn't see apple publishing this stuff but for other companies might be more appropriate

@ Robert Coup - Skitch rocks! thanks for the tip