Friday, May 16, 2008


Mark from our football team has been notably absent for most of the season. We might be second on the table (Uni Raiders) but the lack of goals is pretty much directly related to Mark's absence.
Turns out he has been working like a dog the next phase of his company Valuecruncher.

The guys there have been creating a super simple tool for predicting company valuations for listed companies. Jim has picked it up as well.

The football team used to be mightly impressed that in its previous incarnation Mark and co had found a way to monetise the NPV function in Excel. This new version seriously takes it up a level with the ability to adjust company valuations in real time plus a community function so you can see what other people are valuing the same company at. You can follow their progress on their blog.

Of course I had to have a look at the spread on AAPL - as it would be one of the ones to polarise people the most. Naturally I am not disappointed (apart from the potential upside!).

Great work getting Valuecruncher 2 out the door guys - awesome to see another Wellington crowd getting in amongst it.

And Mark - if you don't get out on a Saturday soon we may just ask Whispering Death to put your subs on the bar...
Disclaimer: I occasionally pass Mark the ball so he can score goals


ben said...

how dare he let bootstrapping get in the way of weekend sport!

Mark said...

Cheers Miki

Thanks for the amusing take.

Register and give us your take on AAPL.

You also Ben.